Heaven's Keys is a company owned by Launch Outreach that focuses on teaching entrepreneurship and leadership skills to young girls in/ and out of foster care. Heaven’s Keys is a merchandise company that provides hands-on opportunities for the girls. Through this experience they are exposed to: jewelry making, inventory management, sales, marketing and other business management elements. This program is aimed to teach girls the basic skills needed to succeed in the workforce as well as cultivate an environment for creative ideas, inspiration and empowerment.
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Five Goals:

  1. To provide learning opportunities for vulnerable girls to develop leadership and entrepreneurship skills.
  2. To teaches participants the techniques and skills needed to succeed in the workforce.
  3. To empower young ladies by cultivating their team building and interpersonal skills.
  4. To teach participants effective and professional communication skills.
  5. To give participants real-world experiences in marketing, sales, and production to build their career readiness skills.